Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ashes, Ashes

Artist's rendering.  Real "crosses"
usually a dark smudge, am I right?

We all fall down.

I know this has nothing to actually do with Lent or Ash Wednesday, but I always find myself thinking about it as I prepare to "get my ashes".  For some reason, it seems quite profound to me, even if it does come from a childrens' rhyme.  It reminds me that, during Lent in particular, "we all fall down", purposefully, prostrating ourselves before God to try to repent and return to Him who is our Salvation.  "We all fall down" to beg God's forgiveness and to do penance.  "We all fall down" to take up our cross so that, in doing so, we might lighten the load that we have placed on Christ's shoulders.  "We all fall down" so that, come Easter, we can rise with Christ, singing a joyful get the point.

And so, today, as I receive our mark of the ashen cross on my forehead, I will try to remember that "Ashes, ashes" is just the beginning of the powerful season of Lent, where we are given daily opportunities to fall down so that we might be raised up at its end.  Just something to think about.

Possible Lenten Activities (in case you haven't decided yet)

1) Stations of the Cross weekly (at least) with the kiddies.  (I had better at least try this one, after making that giant display)
2) Purposefully practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
3) Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily
4) Read from a classic work on Catholic spirituality, theology, hageography, etc.  Basically, holy reading :)
5) Fast daily
6) Abstain daily
7) Picket abortion clinic weekly
8) Pray the Rosary daily
9) Attend daily Mass
10) All of the above. :)  J/k

Works for me Wednesday  projects will return next week.  Something in me doesn't think that crafting posts are quite appropriate on Ash Wednesday.  That, and most of those reading will probably not have the functionality of a rock by the time they read this post, what with the fasting and all.

So now I DON'T want to know what you will be "doing" for Lent, as we're not supposed to ask those things, right?  But, if you have any other ideas to add to the list, please feel free to share!


  1. Good idea, oh Lord!

  2. With young kids - add a penny a day to the poor box (which you made at home). so ash Wednesday is one penny, thursday is two pennies, etc. on Holy Thursday bring it to church and put it in the poor box.

    Cover an empty diaper box (b/c yes you buy your diapers by the 100's) with purple wrapping paper. Buy 40 dry goods at the store, place them in the pantry near your normal food. Have children pick one item a day from pantry to add to the box. Deliver full box to parish food bank on Holy Thursday *with* the kids.

    I got these from a book a long time ago - can't remember the name.

    - - kelly

    1. Those are both great ideas, Kelly! Thanks for the comment!