Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost Post

This is the one where I'm so tired I can't remember the fantabulously mind-blowing topic I had in mind for posting.  It was amazing, I promise, but I can't remember it at all.  I'll ramble on for a few minutes before deciding that watching my daughter sleep on my husband's lap isn't more entertaining than writer's block, and then I'll attempt to bring it on in for a landing that somehow makes sense.  It's classic Bridget.

Le. Rheims is noisy.  It's full of life, but not full of community, so instead of hearing friends and neighbors, I mostly just hear noise.  There's a difference, you know.  Friends and neighbors sound like good times waiting to happen; like conversations to be had and jokes to be shared; like if one were to step outside her apartment door she might just find a party about to happen that was just waiting for her to arrive before it started.  Instead, here, one just hears the clamor: the noisy neighbors above who apparently let their infant toddle around in mommy's high heels until she topples over; the ones on the top floor who usually come in late at night, talking loudly at each other and over each other all the way up the three flights of stairs; the ones across the hall who are friendly, but tend to have very loud, very late, very bass-filled musical get-togethers with their church group.  In a house filled with children one hear's (very loud) life and laughter.  In an apartment building that lacks community one hear's noise.  Here, we are all basically living in barely overlapping spheres.  We all keep to ourselves and no one calls the landlord when the kids in apartment four make too much noise or when the family in number nine has a wild party that goes on until four in the morning.  We all politely say hello as we pass each other on our ways in and out, but that's where it ends.  This is why Le. Rheims is noisy.  We can all hear each other but the sounds coming through the walls have nothing to do with us.

So now I want to know: do you live in a amongst friends and neighbors, or is there a distinct lack of a communal feel to your neighborhood?

See? That was pretty much a ramble. I mean, I kind of tied it into the whole "we live in an apartment" aspect of the blog, but that's about it.  This is what happens when Bridgie's don't get enough sleep.  Because of kick-ass Hanson concerts.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Until then, go read some of my more coherent posts, like this one or this one.

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