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In case you haven't noticed, I'm a Catholic, homeschooling, homemaking mom to my five kids and wife to my ever loving husband.  We try to live a big life in a small space, namely our three bedroom apartment.  This blog chronicles our lives in the Le. Rheims (pronounced leh rames) apartment building.

We homeschool our kids, at our kitchen table mainly.  I've found that, while I find many great ideas and much inspiration from the typical homeschooling blogs out there, I also find that they are intended for people with a lot more space than I am likely to have in the near future.  Because of this, I try to post about homeschooling on a small scale.  Sometimes the idea are strictly my own, and often, they are my version of what I've seen around, where I've made something work for the 49" by 29" table with which I have to work.  I hope these posts are helpful to someone.  If not, at least I have a place where I can look whenever I need a pat on the back for my own accomplishments.

Aside from the homeschooling stuff, I like to reword the lives of the saints into language my kids can get excited about and understand.  From time to time, I write them down and post them on here, or over on (the Infant of) Prague Blog.  I also try out Catholic kid crafts, and try to keep our day to day lives based around the Church Calendar, not the secular one.

When I'm not posting, I'm reading, knitting, crocheting, talking politics, baking, and watching far too much Masterpiece Theater than is good for anyone.  I have been known to break into song (and dance) anywhere from the aisles of the supermarket to my own kitchen.  I believe that yarn and cookies, separately of course, are God sends.  Also, that bacon is a little gift from God for believing in Jesus (think about it).  Feel free to drop me a line at bridgieandgreen  @  gmail.com (without the spaces, obviously).

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