Friday, February 17, 2012

Best! Husband! Ever!

Really!  It's true.  He is.  Why, you may ask?  Because, not only did he go to a Hanson concert with me (and our niece), but he managed to snag me an actual, authentic, USED, Isaac Hanson guitar pick.

Isaac guitar pick!  Snazzy logo and all!

This is my fifth Hanson concert, and I've never once managed to get one of these babies.  So yes, it's true: my husband rocks.

(And, husband, in case you think I didn't hear, I heard you singing every last line of "Mmmbop ba du ba dop ba do bop, ba do ba dop ba do bop, ba do ba dop ba do ooo ooo.  Whoaa yeah!"  And it was adorable.)

Also, he totally isn't freaked out by my love of Ike Hanson.  This is always a plus in a husband. (Upon reading this, he says he "reserves judgement" on that statement.)

Oh, Ike.  Yum.
Here's hoping that I can make it through dance class and schoolwork today, because right tnow, I'm just a touch giddy, high on the power that is bubblegum pop turned grown up happiness music.

(Sorry for the terrible quality of the pictures.  Cell phone.)

So now I want to know: what piece of concert/music memorabilia makes you giddy with glee to own?

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