Saturday, March 3, 2012

God Save the People

Sometimes I wish I had my Flip video glued to my hand, or better yet that I had those slightly creepy security cameras stationed throughout my apartment.  I don't think I'd mind all the craziness of a reality TV show based around my life, either, as long as there was plenty of footage.  Why?  I'd know that moments like what happened yesterday afternoon would be preserved some place other than my mind. (The bad stuff could always be edited out later, in a few years, when no one remembers us.  It would be like a seriously intense set of home movies.)

The Superhero, in his Red Link Halloween Costume
While sitting at the computer desk, typing away, researching St. Patrick's Day stuff for another post, the Superhero came in and climbed up onto my lap.  After a couple of snuggles, he slid back off, told me how much he liked my outfit (you know, the sweaty tank and yoga pants I'd had on since Zumbaing after lunch?), and then sat on the couch.  He was so quiet I had just about forgotten he was even there, until I heard the singing.  Floating over to me was the quietest, cutest voice, and what was he singing?  Oh, just a little Godspell.    Yeah, that Godspell, the one about Jesus dressed as Superman/a clown, the one that is, I'll be honest, one of my favorite musicals ever (what can I say? I'm a sucker for Stephen Schwartz).  As he sang, not quite the right melody or key, "God save the Peopuuuuulllll! God save the people!  God save the Peopuuuullllll! God save the people!", I couldn't help but smile and think of how lucky I am to have my kids and to have my life.

You see, foolishly, I don't always remember things like this or moments like that.  I don't always think about how amazing my children are or how much my husband loves me or how there are far worse places to live than Le. Rheims.  No, usually I'm mentally complaining about how much I want a house, how small the kitchen is here, how much the economy sucks and how there don't seem to be any jobs, about how no matter how hard I try somethings just don't turn out right, and about anything else you can imagine.  Usually, these thoughts cycle through my mind on a daily basis.  And while I try to remain upbeat on the outside, the thoughts are there.  And that's why I wish I had my video camera on hand yesterday.  I'd play the Superhero's off kilter version of " God Save the People" on a loop in my living room.  That sweet voice saying those singing those sweet words really did remind me that God did in fact save His people, as the song continues, "from despair", and that life will not always be this hard, that money won't always be quite this tight, that a house may one day be our home, and that, God willing there will be more babies and more moments like that one.

God save the people, from despair.  Thanks Superhero.  Mommy owes you one.

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